Zaftig Press is run by Dan Varenka who has been making zines since he was a teenager. In 1995 he started making screen-printed tees for fun and profit under the name Hey Buddy! Why's Your Car So Big?

After a few decades as Hey Buddy! it was decided to change the name to something more zippy and compact, though equally obtuse.

Zaftig (zaf-tig, tik) adj. Yiddish, juicy, succulent. Slang. having a pleasantly plump figure.

Zaftig Press produces small edition artist’s books, zines, screen-printed goods, and print ephemera
The Print Shop

After toiling for decades in the basement, we've finally moved into a studio space in Rochester, NY at the Hungerford Building (suite 331).

In the studio there's a Ricoh digital duplicator (the office workhorse cousin of the Riso) with 5 drums, screen-printing press & accoutrements, inkjet printers, and a fabulous vintage photocopier. There's also a button-maker and various papercraft gadgets, too.

The studio is open some First Fridays and a few Second Saturdays (for Copy Shop Saturday, see below). I'll announce when the doors are open on Instagram.